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Need to Know

Contact Information
Please ensure that your personal information is current and updated as needed. For emergency purposes, please report any changes to the office which include: phone numbers, places of employment, daycare information and medical information, etc.

Emergency Evacuations 
All students and staff are made thoroughly aware of evacuation routes and Lockdown procedures. Procedures are practised regularly during the school year. The Kiss and Ride area is part of the Emergency Vehicle area. NO VEHICLES ARE TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED IN THIS LOCATION.

Parents driving their children to school or picking children up after school are asked to use our Kiss 'n' Ride area (the front parking lot of the school). Parents are not to leave their cars while in the Kiss 'n Ride zone. In the interest of safety and community concerns, parents are asked to minimize parking in the school vicinity. An anti-idling policy is also in place. Please ensure that cars do not idle more than 3 minutes. We strive to be green.

Students will walk their bikes on the school property and when crossing the road. Bikes are to be placed in the bicycle areas and should be locked. Students ride to and from school at their own risk. SAFETY HELMETS ARE THE LAW. Therefore, Allandale Heights insists that students wear helmets.

Medication Administration 
Medication can only be administered with the proper forms completed by a medical doctor. Changes in medication or dosage always require an updated form. Short term medications i.e. penicillin require the same form to be completed. Your doctor needs to fill the form out and a copy will be required at the school.

Sabrina's Law
On May 16, 2005 the Ontario Legislature unanimously passed Bill 3 —a private member's Bill (proposed by Dave Levac, MPP for Brant) which requires school boards to have policies that include:

  • training for school staff on dealing with life-threatening allergies on a regular basis
  • creating individual plans for students who have anaphylaxis allergy
  • having emergency procedures in place for anaphylactic pupils

Board Memorandum
This law took effect on January 1, 2006.

Safe Arrival
The Safe Arrival Program is in place in elementary schools to ensure that children arrive safely at school each day.  Please be advised that on days when buses are cancelled due to inclement weather, calls will not be made to families whose children ride school transportation.  Families of those children who walk to school are asked to report their child's absence to the school if they will not be in attendance.  An effort will be made to call families of walking students who are not present but on some days, given the number of absent students, this may be not possible.

Student Accident Insurance
Every September, our Board provides parents with the opportunity to take out student accident insurance. This year, our Board continues to provide this opportunity for all our students. One change this year is that all parents of students who participate in extra-curricular athletics, must either take out Student Accident Insurance and Dental Coverage or sign a waiver declining this coverage in support of already having insurance.. It is important for parents to know that the Simcoe County District School Board does not provide insurance coverage for student injuries that occur on school premises or during school sponsored activities. Some parents may have private or workplace accident insurance which may respond to costs which arise from injuries that are not covered by OHIP, but other families may not.

The Simcoe County District School Board makes a Student Accident Insurance package available to parents every September with competitive low cost options. The best value exists in purchasing in September as your child receives the maximum days of coverage.

The Reliable Life Insurance Company has again been selected by our Board as the insurance provider. To purchase this insurance , complete the application form sent home with your child, and return payment directly to Reliable Life Insurance Company, or apply online to

Reportable Diseases
For some serious diseases, you could be required to keep your children out of school for longer than you might think. If a doctor diagnoses one of the following diseases, it is important for parents to keep their children home for the noted timeframes.

*Influenza: five days from the start of symptoms
*Pertussis (whooping cough): five days from the start of antibiotics or 21 days from start of symptoms (if untreated)
*Measles: four days from start of the rash
*Mumps: nine days from start of facial swelling
*Rubella (German measles): seven days from start of the rash.

These are all known as "reportable diseases." In Ontario, certain diseases are designated as reportable since they readily infect people, cause severe illness and they can spread easily from person to person.

Be sure to call the office at 705-721-8300 should your child be diagnosed with any of the above.